The Amazons By Adrienne Mayor

"A lively and engaging exploration... vivid, compelling and detailed" - Lloyd Llewellyn Jones, Times Higher Education This book was highly interesting. As a non-fiction book, it held many facts supported by archaeology and literature. 'The Amazons' was full of pictures of objects that help to pick fiction from fact. It contained a lot of information... Continue Reading →

Go Away

A companion piece to Corinna (the other side of the story)   Silly Boy, my beauty has been corrupted, Spoiled like the gardens of Adonis in winter. I have become a flower for bees' greed, And other men have stirred wild thoughts of need. Oh silly boy, why must you always knock at my door? Go... Continue Reading →

The Birth of Dionysus 

Dionysus ' birth was not the most usual of births. He was a fun loving boy and became the god of wine, partying and fun. Dionysus was the one who invented wine, discovering the possible use of grapes. Semele was the mother of Dionysus.  Seduced by Zeus, she became pregnant. Zeus had not told her... Continue Reading →

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