Go Away

A companion piece to Corinna (the other side of the story)


Silly Boy, my beauty has been corrupted,

Spoiled like the gardens of Adonis in winter.

I have become a flower for bees’ greed,

And other men have stirred wild thoughts of need.

Oh silly boy, why must you always knock at my door?

Go away, leave me alone, I do not love you anymore.

It’s not my fault that the gods blessed me with beauty.

Now I must blush and hide away, for they don’t want you to see me.

Like a flower I used to grow in beauty, each summer and spring.

Now like a rose touched by Midas I stay golden for eternity,

hidden away in the garden of Juno.

The hundred heads of my affairs watch me.

just like the savage dragon,

Whose strength is that of a hundred men,

While its will is of men double that number.

A goddess sent horror,

A beast of never ending hunger.

These men wreak havoc at my door

They are so ugly I wonder why I let bask in my beauty.

I beg you, virgin with the quiver,

Since the night is when you prosper

When the moon is high, hunt the beasts that swarm around me

And help me to restore my purity.

Venus, extinguish the ardent fires of these men

So they will never bother me again!

Minerva, let Mars delight in destroying the fields

With wars’ fires and savage iron.

Take arms with the soldiers of love

And help us beautiful women to conquer the enemy!

Juno, if only you could strengthen my marriage

Then only with my husband I would stay

but you have failed yours and mine

Causing your husband and me to stray.

Impure and spoiled we both are,

But not beyond redemption.

Goddesses, please answer my prayer.

I want to be a strong woman; why am I now crying to the goddesses?

Why must the gods humiliate me? Why must you?

Against me your case might be strong

But my case is strong against you.

Silly boy, how dare you accuse me of infidelity!

you wept knowing I had cheated,

But lateness granted me a sword of my own,

To slice in silence those locked lips

And brings towards my broken heart.

I have a secret to tell, you see.

While you claim I cheated you,

I know you first betrayed me.

When you thought i was asleep,

I saw the kiss you gave to she.

Therefore I found myself another he

And practiced all the things you taught me.


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