The Amazons By Adrienne Mayor

“A lively and engaging exploration… vivid, compelling and detailed” – Lloyd Llewellyn Jones, Times Higher Education


This book was highly interesting. As a non-fiction book, it held many facts supported by archaeology and literature. ‘The Amazons’ was full of pictures of objects that help to pick fiction from fact. It contained a lot of information about the myths of the Amazons themselves as well as there those myths came from, highlighting the possible origins that the original Greek writers used.
The book goes into a lot of detail about the many different parts of the Amazon myths including but not limited to outfit, tattoos and also their weapons. It provides a lot of evidence behind the ideas and has a system in the back of the book where things can be elaborated on as well as an index. The chapters are split up well into individual topics and grouped into a big theme. This makes it easy to find out about different topics and allows the book to go into more detail than before. Some chapters are based on things like a piece of clothing and some others are about an individual myth like Theseus and Antiope. While it focuses mainly on the view and myths of Greece, the book isn’t only on that. It provides intricate details about other cultures, their myths and their history about warrior women. This book disproves certain aspects of the ‘Amazons’ life while proving other parts. The book includes the possible basis of the mythical warrior women.
The only thing I would say about this book is that there is a lot of information to follow and it can get hard. It also contains lists of grave goods which are numerous, especially when dealing with weapons. However, when it mentions something that you may have missed when reading in earlier chapters, it includes a reference to the chapter where it talks about that something. This helps you find and reread something that you may have missed.

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