Short Ciceronian Argument

Pandora vs Mankind

Argument Ideas:
  • Made by the gods to be like this
  • Didn’t know about the plan

Mankind was built by the gods, fashioned by them in order to worship them, as I don’t need to tell you. Why did we invoke Zeus’ Ire? By changing the way we worship! In the end, Zeus came up with a plan. A plan to punish us. Was Pandora the punishment? No, she was not. The box she brought was what caused the pain, suffering and death. Not her. She was a tool in the gods’ plan. Should we blame this woman, crafted by the gods, given gifts by all the gods and made to become the foundation of how we survive, the first wife, who had no example to follow but created an example for all wives to follow or that Titan, Prometheus who in the end used tricks to fool the Zeus, to make the gods agree and then when his foolish plan fell apart, he stole from the gods and from Mount Olympus? We should blame that man because he is the cause of the problem. By listening to him, we made a stupid mistake. He said that he wanted to protect us, all he did was bring a great age to an end. Pandora was not punished for her actions by the gods but that man was. He was tied to a rock and punished until he was wrongly freed.  Instead, she was revered through a new creation of another form of human life. A female.  Instead, she was the start of the family, she allowed the creation of new life while that man cursed us with death, pain and suffering from his mistakes. Did she open the box? Yes, however, I ask you if she didn’t, would it stay closed? No, it was punishment passed onto us by her from Zeus.

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