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Aelfdene and Celeste

If I told you about them, would you believe me? For there are no two lovers quite as unbelievable, quite as brave and no story quite as fraught with dangers, many and unseen as theirs. The two lovers, Aelfdene and Celeste. Where to start, where to start? Maybe here, with Aelfdene's broken heart. "Poor me.... Continue Reading →

The Athenian Agora Guide

This guide is worded like it was written during the time of Pericles (roughly from 461 to 429 BC). Tour guide Here, we are at the Athenian Agora, which is the main marketplace. This first building here is the temple of Aphrodite Urania, which is the part of Aphrodite which deals with spiritual and celestial... Continue Reading →

Does Antigone deserve to die?

This is a piece of writing exploring if Antigone, in Antigone by Sophocles, deserves to die due to her crimes or not. Her crime is burying her brother when she shouldn't. One reason that Antigone deserves to die is that she disobeys the king’s order. This king order is an important statement to the city... Continue Reading →

Another Poem: Ovid

So what if you are right as a prosecutor? If I am guilty of wandering, wild, Who do you cast as my accomplice, of stealing your bed? Could it be the market-girl in the forum, Who at first glance I thought was a goddess? Much prettier than you, Corinna, And she thought that I would... Continue Reading →

Short Ciceronian Argument

Pandora vs Mankind Argument Ideas: Made by the gods to be like this Didn’t know about the plan Mankind was built by the gods, fashioned by them in order to worship them, as I don’t need to tell you. Why did we invoke Zeus’ Ire? By changing the way we worship! In the end, Zeus... Continue Reading →

A Athenian Woman’s Wedding Diary

Dear Diary, My father has finalised my marriage today. He just told me after calling a family meeting. As Kurios, he is in charge of making all the big decisions, including choosing to forge new partnerships by marriage. It's good that he decided it for me because I have been told that I don't really... Continue Reading →

Introducing Icsoi

Icsoi stood in the middle of the dancing floor, just listening to the song coming from outside. Undoing the small plaits either side of her head, she smoothed her wavy hair. The black hair reached her waist and normally stayed not at all frizzy. Her silver eyes scanned the room, hoping the hairdresser could see... Continue Reading →

Introducing Khasa

Khasa is my representation of a Scythian warrior. The stories with her in are a mixture of Scythian practices, Amazonian myth and fiction. If anything here really interests you, you could read Amazons or go to the British Museum's exhibition Scythians - warriors of ancient Siberia. Sitting in her family's tent, Khasa gathered her long... Continue Reading →


Khasa's tribe were nomads, roaming the steppes. Life was harsh so both boys and girls were taught how to fight and how to ride. Khasa rode proudly beside her brothers and parents along the hills, bearing her new weapon. The weapon was a pair of hu shung swords built from layers of metal forged together.... Continue Reading →

Icsoi Arrested?

 Last Time She bowed down and flew off the stage. She walked out of back stage. Suddenly in her face was a sword. "Icsoi, you are coming with this now!"  Soldiers surrounded her, pointing swords at her. Encircled by them, Icsoi raised her hands up in the air. The soldiers glared at her and... Continue Reading →

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